AFPHB Congress

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(AFPHB Congress) Francophone Association of Belgian Hospital Pharmacists

4th participation of Keenturtle in the assembly of the AFPHB Congress

Doctor Edith Dufay presented the results of the Avicenna project equipped by #PharmaClass obtained at Nancy University Hospital and Lunéville Hospital.

Edith DUFAY describes the methodological elements that she advises to take into account to obtain these same results in the varied contexts found in Belgian and French establishments.

This one-hour presentation generated real enthusiasm by confirming the possibility of integrating the software in any context, regardless of the computer systems in place. This has been proven in the GHT Sud Lorraine, by the achievements in terms of pharmaceutical interventions, and by the potential that Edith Dufay has illustrated and demonstrated.

David Vandecapelle and François Versini completed the discovery of the new possibilities opened up by PharmaClass® on the Keenturtle stand. The exchanges highlighted the adequacy between such an approach and the news around the accreditation of Belgian establishments. The basic use of PharmaClass® already makes it easy and quick to comply with the minimum level required, while the full use of PharmaClass® facilitates access to higher quality levels (platinum, diamond).

The work carried out by Keenturtle at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc has made it possible to build the components necessary to make the most of this Clinical e-Pharmacy in the Belgian context:

  • Incorporation of the specificities of Belgian knowledge bases
  • Focus on the needs of hospital pharmacists.

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