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The presentation focused on the concrete work accomplished at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc, bringing together SNOMED, ​​IDMP, the Belgian databases SAM and Infohos, and the French database Thériaque to establish the database of medicinal products and rules used in their DPI.. Then on the perspectives of evolution of the ‘Clinical Decision System’, integrated or ‘plugged’ on the Computerized Patient Records.

Keenturtle expressed his DNA, ‘standard inside’ and explained why SNOMED was added to the already long list natively included in PharmaClass and SmartBlend®

KeenTurtle presents current and future uses of SNOMED at the request of L’Agence eSanté du Luxembourg in the Forbes Business Interview.

The French software publisher Keenturtle develops innovative solutions to increase the efficiency and reduce the risks of medication, thanks to Collective Data Intelligence: useful tools for many health professionals in their daily activities. Interview with François Versini and David Vandecapelle, the founders of this new generation project, who return during this interview to the many issues that revolve around these innovations.

How would you present the Keenturtle activity?

We design intelligent and community-based e-health solutions that enhance medical and economic data, and give the power to make the right decisions at the right time. Since 2013, we have focused our R&D efforts on drug decision support. At that time, the various players dealt with drug interactions by only cross-referencing drug data. Problem: these systems generate many unjustified alerts that professionals deactivate so as not to waste their precious time. To go further, it was necessary to be able to value and reason with each other the patient’s data such as his biology or his constants, in addition to the drugs. That’s what we did ! Our PharmaClass solution is able to detect risks for the patient that no other current solution detects, without overloading healthcare professionals with unnecessary alerts as presented at the EAHP congress. It was Keenturtle who created the market and enabled the disruption.

Our solutions are based on our capacity and recognized expertise in data intelligence. An essential key to intelligent solutions is data. Bad information can only lead to bad results! At Keenturtle, we guarantee the completeness of the data available from disparate information systems in our solutions, so that they live up to the highest ambitions. That’s a giant step!

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