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The CDS-DPI synergy between PharmaClass and Sillage at the University Hospital of Lille,
Honored in DSIH Magazine

DSIH Magazine highlighted Keenturtle’s progress with the DPI Sillage of the SIB, within the framework of the Lille University Hospital and the ‘CDS Access’ approach. The article ‘Interoperability and drug risk management with PharmaClass and DPI Sillage’ explains why and how the deployment of optimized FHIR flows increases the synergy between a ‘Clinical Decision System’ and a ‘Computerized Patient Record’.

Keenturtle expresses here its ‘standard-inside’ DNA on the ‘syntactic’ part, and aims to allow a maximum of DPIs and establishments to benefit from the potential brought by an expert use of FHIR standards.

This innovation brings efficiency and quality to pharmacists and additional security to patients. Chloe Rousselière, project manager who prioritized this innovation, explains how the Lille University Hospital will take advantage of it.

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