ANAP circle

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Dr Edith Dufay presents the ambition and success of her project carried out with the support of PharmaClass at ANAP, during the circle “the use of digital health in the service of better care for the patient and the ‘user”.

This first ANAP circle was an opportunity for Dominique Pon to present the eHealth roadmap and animate a dense and informative question and answer, then to conduct 4 workshops aimed at the appropriation of the subjects by the participants.

Workshops: “How to exploit the possibilities of digital technology?”

…for medical or predictive decision support.

Artificial intelligence is developing as a medical and predictive decision support tool. A cross-examination between several concrete experiences of development of these techniques has facilitated the exercise of clinical pharmacists, to understand the challenges of building a box of computerized tools that can be integrated into the IS of health establishments in support of the clinical pharmacy activity and to detail the corpus of Pharmaceutical Algorithms [AP] with high predictive value.

Dr Edith Dufay was chosen as the heart of one of the workshops, and presented the ambition and success of her Avicenna project, equipped by PharmaClass

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